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a leather sofa
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Buying the Best Leather Sofas

Perhaps you have considered adding a leather sofa as a centerpiece for your home furnishings. If so, you might be genuinely surprised by the sheer variety of products out there on the market. Leather sofas come in a huge variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and materials. Finding the right leather sofas is a matter of doing the research necessary to make the right choice. This small guide should help you make a decision and choose one product out of all the leather sofas on the market.

Leather sofas are available in a wide selection of shapes and sizes. Before going shopping, be sure to make some measurements around the area you intend to place the sofa. Write these measurements down and take a tape measurer to the store, to be absolutely sure that your purchase will fit properly. Nothing is as frustrating as getting a leather sofa home only to realize that it will not fit across a wall as you thought it would. Taking some careful measurements at home and at the store can help prevent this situation. Leather sofas come in different shapes as well, allowing them to fit in a number of spaces. Carefully consider your needs before visiting the store.

Leather sofas will also come in a variety of materials, with different grains of leather available. The highest quality leather sofas will come in what is known as full grain leather. Full grain leather maintains the surface of the original hide the best, making for a varied and rich looking tone to the couch. Full grain leather is also very soft to the touch, making it a comfortable material. The best leather sofas will also be top grain products, meaning that their material is not split, but comes as a single piece. Aniline leather products are processed to allow air to flow easily through their surface, making them more comfortable. This is a great feature to have as the seasons change and the leather may become hot or very cold.

You can also find leather sofas that have been antiqued, or dyed twice, so that the surface of the leather has multiple shades of coloring. This can make leather sofas appear aged, giving them a great appearance. Leather sofas made with the NuBuck technique are buffed to make them tougher and more durable. Leather sofas can also be pigmented to give them a variety of vibrant colors. Leather has a number of benefits over cloth, making it a great choice for sofas. Leather is very durable and will last for years if treated well. Whereas cloth tends to get ripped or wear out, leather will stay in great condition even under fairly rough wear and tear. Leather sofas can also be very easily cleaned. Spills on leather can be wiped away without it soaking through the material, as it would with cloth. Although leather will stain if spills are allowed to remain, it is much more resistant to this than materials such as cloth.

Good leather sofas also provide a high standard of comfort. Leather is a flexible material that will mold itself to your body, becoming more and more comfortable as it is worn in. Unlike sofas made of cloth, a leather sofa will look better with age as the leather takes on a nice looking sheen. The only thing to avoid with leather sofas is over exposure to sunlight. Other than that, leather sofas can withstand rough housing children, pets, and spills.

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